History of the LPWA

History of the LPWA

Note: This video contains matches pulled from the previous 23 titles.


The best from the first five years!

This special edition takes the viewer from the beginning of the Ladies Professional Wrestling Association through the present. Told in chronological order from Australia's Susan Sexton' initial title defense through the reign of Lady X to the current champion, "The Ultimate Female," Terri Power.

See all the feuds, grudges, and outrageous antics that have made the LPWA the number one all female wrestling association in the world. This is a collector's item. Don't miss it!

Action packed, outrageous, a must see!


1 Misty Blue Simmes vs Susan Sexton
2 Team America vs The Glamour Girls
3 Madusa Miceli vs The Goddess
4 Miss Linda and Exotic Adrian vs Sheba and Sheik Adnan Alakaissy
5 Shelly Francis and Rustee Thomas vs The Glamour Girls
6 Terri Power vs Rustee Thomas
7 Reggie Bennett vs Lady X
8 Allison Royal vs Denise Storm
9 Bambi vs Magnificent Mimi
10 Susan Sexton vs Lady X
11 Team America vs The Queen’s Court
12 Harley Saito vs Mitzuki Endoh
13 Rockin Robin vs Black Venus
14 Terri Power vs Lady X

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History of the LPWA

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